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Are You A Quantity Lead Player Or A Quality Lead Player?

No matter what your marketing budget is, there are always two distinct strategies for pursuing real estate leads on the web – quanity leads and quality leads.  What is your preferred strategy?

Quantity leads  – lots of people with vague ideas of how they want to proceed

Quality leads – fewer people who know exactly what they want and need

The Quanity Lead Strategy

If you’re a quantity lead player, you need as many indexed pages in the search engines as your budget can afford.  Each page needs information relevant to your audience (i.e., listings are most relevant), together with your name, contact information and an effective lead capturing tool, such as an offer to register for a new listing alert.

Real estate agents and brokers are extra lucky when it comes to playing the quantity lead game on the web because you have access to huge MLS databases of listings.  With the right IDX tools, you can automatically create as many indexable pages as there are listings in your MLS database – all with your personal name, contact information and the best possible lead capturing tools on each page.

We’ve seen some of our clients index well over a million pages in Google with our tools.  Do you know how many leads come from a million+ well-designed listing pages? boasts over 35 Million such pages.  Can you imagine yourself on par with that monster site?  Our clients are doing it and on a relatively modest budget, too.  Contact us and we’ll let you in on the secret.

The Quality Lead Strategy

If you’re a quality lead player, you need fewer pages indexed with Google, but those pages need to be indexed with a specific, custom-crafted message specifically designed to attract the attention of your defined audience.  

To really dig in on who your specific audience is, spend 10 minutes jotting down the person or people that you have the most to offer.  Who do you want to work with and what special expertise do you have to offer this person?  Are you the local expert on a certain highly sought after school?  Do you know every in and out for a certain develoment or village?  Know this person and what they want and why they will want to work with you.

For the quality lead player, you need highly relevant written content on your pages speaking directly to your target audience and custom IDX data filters [link to filter page] to auto-popluate your pages with the exact listings they want.  Here at Agent Centrum, we love to slice and dice IDX data to serve you the auto-populated pages your target audience want.  We have one client who needed irregular borders for a special charter school in his farm area, and we were able to come up with a formula to ferret out the exact listings he needed for his quality lead page.

Our consultants are real estate and database experts. You tell us what kinds of listings you want to turn up automatically on a particular page and let us dig in and figure out how to make it happen.  Contact us and challenge us.

Get out there and be the player you need to be!